1. bio

    Orestes De La Paz is a Miami-born multidisciplinary musician and performance artist with 
an undying love for the Internet, Chopin, and popcorn. Drawing from his backgrounds in music, 
theater, and video, he blends elements from each realm to create hybrid works within the spectrum 
of entertainment and contemporary art. He was with the Miami Gay Men’s Chorus for four years before 
entering Florida International University’s Fine Art Program. In 2012, he won first place at the Koladuh Film 
Festival for his short film “These Are Not My Secrets”. In 2013, Orestes received his Bachelors of 
Fine Arts in Studio Art with a minor in Art History at Florida International University. Orestes De La Paz
continues to perform and exhibit internationally while maintaining an active cosmetology license. He is 
also left-handed.